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Travel to Italy with the reopening after coronavirus lockdown

Posted By : Maria Florio/ 686

The numerous rules with the ‘unlock down’, the reopening of Italy and Europe, are making Summer 2020 incredible to forget, or as others would put it, incredibly hard to forget.


As you may know, many countries in Europe are ready to embrace reopening and to welcome back those who are ready to travel.  As of June 15, 2020, internal borders have reopened, and they expect to expand further, to outer borders (slowly) on, and beyond, June 30, 2020 (July 1, 2020, the EU should have a list on how they plan to proceed.  We will update you when we know more).


The European Commission has just launched ‘Re-open EU’, a web platform containing real-time information on borders, means of transport, travel restrictions, public health and safety measures in European countries so that people can plan their holidays and travel.  For those outside the EU and in the EU, you can keep posted on Italy’s travel re-opening status from here:


It is not easy for everyone to leave everything that has happened (to us) behind; to move forward pretending as if nothing has happened, because something has happened. That something has changed, at least for the time being, how people will travel and spend time together on vacation, mini getaways and trips to Naples and Italy or elsewhere.  Even flights and cruises have changed in many ways.  As have leisurely trips or family events, every important celebratory moment, whether locally or a destination celebration like a wedding in Italy.  All of this and more is going to be experienced differently for now.


Many are still in a kind of sensational clatter, disoriented, and having some difficulties with what seems to be the ‘new’ normal (with physical distancing and the usage of masks to go out, and so on).


With many things needing to reset, many of us will have a last-minute thought and wish to get a summer break, which is why we have prepared to welcome you and want you to know that for all our Italy and Campania events, our private Naples tours, family or small group private boat trips, trekking tours, private minibus and car transportation options, as well as Italy package tours, and weddings in Campania follow the necessary regulations to ensure your safe travels.


This means: sanification, masks, and hygiene implementationfor our Italy trips and events are all applied to assure you safer travelling.


Distancing as a precautionary measure and as recommendedby the authorities, which is the hardest thing to do for Italians, is also being implemented. As you know Italians are famous for being very noisy and friendly with gestures.  We are notoriousfor giving two kisses when we meet, one for each cheek.  We hug a lot, are cozy and get close to each other; this never bothered us.  Obviously, we are doing our best to stick to the rules.


What is highly suggested at the moment for those who want to travel is to do soin small groups and to rent a car or to hire a private vehicle with a driver.  Thisnot only saves you time, but it also avoids you any problems due to the challenges with public transportation, which is experiencing some issues.  Not only are the numbers of people reduced to a minimum, but the Italians are still making their way to use these means to get to the beaches and their favorite summer Campania vacation spots or weekend beach getaways.  It is also safer to travel with a private car because you are only exposed to the people you are traveling with in the vehicle and always with the health and safety requirements necessary by the law.


Get ready for some new packages on our website that are created with the sanitation and hygiene safety precautions in mind.  They will be tours and trips in the Bay of Naples; Naples Boat packages; Mare and Nature packages, Borghi e Cantine in Campania, the Winding Wine Roads, and our Discount Price options for our minibus rental and/or car transfers.


And let us not forget that Traveling is at its essence a set of things that come together and allow the transformation of man’s vision to come forth; and when it unites with art, it becomes absolute pure fantasy and creates a unique reality that gets us to fly.

Coronavirus Italy phase 2 – What this means for travel and the environment

Posted By : Maria Florio/ 1002

It is now the middle of spring, and in a few days, Italians will be called to face the second phase of the coronavirus (COVID-19).  The second phase concerns finally being able to go out after the long period of quarantine at home.

In this time of preparation to go out, to go out to find different conditions, far from the ones we were used to, and that for the moment we leave behind; we are certain that nothing will be (for nothing is) the same.

It is a time of great challenge; one that we look to with confidence, because the only way that can lead to rebuilding every single thing that is wanted, that feels lost, is to do it again and to do it better.

In this time that we’ve had of silence and isolation, every person has been able to find themselves; even nature had the time to be on its own and regenerate. Nature was no longer exposed to gases, fumes, smokes, oil and the many other toxic elements that are typical of an always active and very populated city, town, region, and country. The sea, the sky, the rivers, the flowers, everything is cleaner, more vibrant and colorful than before.

The interest and desire to walk among nature with its well-being in the forefront is what people want to have and want to do for the month ahead; as well as consistently move forward with a human-to-nature balance to maintain an ecofriendly environment long-term.

Our rich territory has so much to offer. The routes and paths are innumerable, each area in the Campania region enjoys a landscape that is not only of cultural and artistic beauty, but also of natural beauty.  Just a few minutes away from the center of Naples city you find the Astroni –, a rich WWF heritage site.

In addition to the trekking paths of Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast, you can discover many other natural paths to walk and discover; such as on the beautiful islands of Ischia, Capri and Procida; or also in the villages in the provinces of Avellino, Benevento, Caserta and Salerno

The tourism industry was the first to fall and will be the last to rise, to start again. But this time of pause due to the COVID-19 outbreak has brought about new ideas and new ways of interacting within the industry, such as videos and virtual tour offers; a new way to try to make travel accessible to all, even when it is not.

However, we all know the great joy for humanity to travel, the curiosity of man/woman, and the beauty that sensorial experiences evoke from deep within us, from the heart and soul of each person. The calling to touch, taste, and see through our own senses, with our own eyes, and to experience firsthand the mountains, seas, lakes, lands, food, and wonderful people and culture, everything the world has to offer; it isn’t gone, nor is it going away, if anything it’s something that is greatly missed by many who love traveling.

Our human senses ask and want more than ever to go back to traveling in person. Luckily, we will do so again, and with a bonus: this time, thanks to the pause and environmental awareness created by it, we will travel with the environment in mind (as a people), and move forward (as an industry) with ecofriendly travel in Italy as our approach and top priority.



Coronavirus in Italy update with hope in our hearts

Posted By : Maria Florio/ 856

Just today Italy has extended the lockdown until May 3rd.  The news reports that they have done so due to concerns about gatherings during the upcoming holidays and the coronavirus (COVID-19) spreading so easily when people are in large groups.

This means that not only will Italians have to stay home (some away and alone from their family and friends) for Easter, but they will also have to do so during Italy’s Liberation Day on April 25th, and Italy’s Labor Day on May 1st.

This creates mixed emotions amongst the Italian people who have been at home for more than a month now.

It is why we’d like to share a hopeful and loving message with this update.

When you use love and hope to guide you, you allow yourself to see challenges with resolution.  A message that fits the heart of Easter, as well as Liberty and Work.  As a people, we have emotions and minds to guide us. We also have the information we need to use for survival with empowerment, kindness and compassion.  Italians are reacting with a mix of emotions, and although they are unique as a people when it comes to expressing all emotions, all people globally are feeling the effects of lockdown.

The day will come when we will be out of our homes again to enjoy day-to-day lives, and right in time for spring and summer.  Many of course wonder and talk about the changes that we’ll see.  For those who aren’t yet able to shake the fear there’s fear, but for those who turn to love and hope, there’s faith that all will be ok, just different.

How does that “different” look like for the travel industry and travelers alike?

Many have been discussing the aspect of what will change in the travel industry and for travelers.  From a “we will survive” spirit, and long history of experience in the travel industry, we want to share with you our predictions and the Italy tours we’re planning to integrate with in mind what will be of concern to our lovely travelers when they’ll be ready to come back and visit Italy or plan a trip to Italy.

Social distancing to prevent the spread of COVID-19 will most likely stay in the hearts and minds of people for some time.  A little bit because of fear, a little bit because of rational.  For both reasons, people will most likely enjoy tours and excursions that are in open spaces and able to execute their own social distancing thanks to being in an open space.

Environmental focus seeing how much the planet has benefitted from everyone staying at home.  In Naples and Campania, our waters are crystal clear, our air is cleaner, our streets are cleaner.  This fact has brought to full awareness the rebalancing and care we should take for our territory.  For us as tours it means more ecofriendly tours that respect the environment (even beyond what we have already done in the past).

For those travelers who will want to live life with faith and not in fear, we are preparing some special summer Italy tours, while for those who will be planning for later on, like in the year 2021, something that is geared for that time as well.

Stay tuned as always, we’ll share more, and please stay safe.  We also extend our happy wishes for Easter to those of you who celebrate.  As the very encouraging hashtag says: #AndraTuttoBene (All Will Be Well).


Coronavirus in Italy update as we wait to start again

Posted By : Maria Florio/ 787

As the days go by, sometimes fast, sometimes slow, we plan and stay active for when we will start again…to see our lovely people in the streets enjoying la dolce vita; and for our lovely visitors, Italy travelers such as yourself, to come back and enjoy la dolce vita with us through your Naples city visits, personalized Campania tours, Italy culinary experiences, and other such travel activities when visiting la bella Italia.

If the concern for COVID-19, up to a couple weeks ago, was only in Italy, now the record for number of coronavirus cases is seen across the globe.  It has become a global situation that all countries are actively looking to contain and bring to safety levels (the spread of COVID-19) for the health of all citizens and a hopeful soon to be restoration to every-day life.

You’ll find that in Italy the region with the highest number of coronavirus (COVID-19) cases remains Lombardy (which makes sense when we look at the path COVID-19 took within the country).  It is followed by other northern regions, in high number of COVID-19 cases, such as Emilia-Romagna (where you find Bologna), Piedmont, and Veneto (where you find Venice). Here in the south the numbers are a much less, with Campania being second in numbers of COVID-19 cases to Lazio (where you find Rome).  Followed by Apulia and Sicily as also having low, but higher number of COVID-19 cases than other southern Italy regions.

Campania’s governor’s orders and restrictions are to stay home until April 14, 2020.  And on this note, a study released the other day predicts a full recovery of COVID-19 (meaning expected date for zero contagions) in Campania to be April 20, 2020.

The study is by the Einaudi Institute for Economics and Finance (Eief) and conducted by Franco Peracchi, professor at Georgetown University and University of Rome Tor Vergata. Here are the links to two articles that talk about the study in detail (in Italian though, so use Google Translator or if we find an English version we’ll update the blog post) and show what the estimated recovery is for all other regions in Italy as well.

The rest of Italy is also in lockdown until April 14,2020.  However, each region can change this, and will do so according to how the COVID-19 contagion situation evolves.  For those who must travel in Italy, those who are returning home, and anything essential; there are measures in place to avoid COVID-19 spread (one such measure is obligatory 14-day self-quarantine, which other countries are also doing).

Online there continue to be many activities and messaging to support the Italian people and help them while they stay home.

The “Io resto a casa” (#iorestoacasa) slogan, for example, is one that is being used by singers, actors, comedians, artists, professionals, all public figures and the Italian people to spread the word on acting responsibly to help Italy as it fights the COVID-19 pandemic to restore health across the country and protect those who are in the field and at risk every day (the essential workers and our health provider professionals, from doctors to nurses and hospital staff).

To uplift people’s spirits there are tons of jokes and ironic songs being shared on social media, such as these particular videos by Arturo Salomone on his Facebook page:

And just last Sunday, in an effort to continue sharing Italy’s amazing museums and galleries with the world, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism (their Facebook page: MiBACT) turned to social media asking those who wished to participate to share photos taken in museums, archaeological parks, theaters, exhibitions, libraries and archives (here’s the article to read about the initiative:  They are also actively sharing videos on their YouTube channel with the hashtag #iorestoacasa:

Meanwhile, vacation and summer time are only months away; and we can only hope for things to get better and prepare for when the day to start again will arrive, because it will arrive, and when it does we must be ready to welcome you again with tours and things to do in Naples, Campania, in bella Italia, To START AGAIN ?

The Golden Path of Naples City 2

Updates on coronavirus and Italy travel plans

Posted By : Maria Florio/ 590

In less than a month, most of the globe is at home due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation. Many friends from around the world are at home and working from home. What a way to go!!!!

So, before we give you updates on the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation here in Italy, we want to wish you all a Happy Home Sojourn.  Hoping you make the most of this wonderful and precious time with family and the home; after all, the two are special at the heart and in our lives…la famiglia ?

Now for the updates on coronavirus (COVID-19) and Italy travel plans…

While there are no major changes on how you can plan for travel to Italy (just yet), there are a couple updates we want to share on the Italy coronavirus situation and your options for Italy tours or services that you have booked or would like to book with Rimontitours.

Until travel to Italy is back to normal, we are waiving cancellation and/or rebooking fees as follows:

  • You can always book tours and services for Italy travel plans with us (even today).
  • For bookings made prior to April 3, 2020, rebooking or cancellation fees are waived.
  • Full refund for cancellation of tours or services booked before April 3, 2020 will be issued.
  • For rebooking of an existing tour or service or one booked prior to April 3, 2020, you will be able to rebook the tour and/or service until December 31, 2020.
  • We will also allow rebooking of tours or services for 2021, however, additional fees may apply (due to costs with our suppliers changing in a new year).

We hold April 3, 2020, as our date because it is when our government will be re-evaluating if we can go back to normal day-to-day operations or if the country’s quarantine needs to be extended.  We will update you on the changes of the above indications.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that when it gets better in Italy it will be the same elsewhere since Italy has been in quarantine for about two weeks now, but fingers crossed no other country has to go through exactly the same situation.

Although there have been measures from the US to stop travel from the US to Europe for 30 days since last Friday, with the exception of the UK.  Also, the cruise lines are stopping cruises for about two weeks.

This indicates to us that travel plans to Italy or elsewhere may not return back to normal even with Italy’s COVID-19 situation getting better.

For additional questions and/or to proceed with cancellations or rebooking of Italy tours and/or services, email us at  Please use the subject line: COVID-19 Italy travel plan cancellation/rebooking inquiry.

Until April 3, 2020, Rimontitours staff is working remotely.  However, we are always accessible through our emails and by phone, as per usual.  Italian time zone, from Monday through Friday, business hours, and weekends for emergencies.

While the coronavirus outbreak is keeping us at home, we are a country that is always able to make the best of the situation thanks to our la dolce vita philosophy.  Just an example was from last week, where on Friday evening, every home throughout Italy played music.

We shared a video on our Facebook page, and are sharing the link here as well, in case you missed it…

Napoli Musica Cuore Anima Celebriamo la vita nel modo della dolce vita Napoletana andra tutto bene –

Like the saying in the art project they had Italian children do last week, “Andra Tutto Bene”, which means: All Will Be Well, Everything Will Be Ok, Everything’s Gonna Be Alright ??

Coronavirus couldn’t miss the beauty of Italy

Posted By : Maria Florio/ 687

Once stopped in Milano, flattered by the elegance of this city and its imposing splendid Cathedral, the curiosity took upon the coronavirus to continue its journey!  And so COVID-19 continued to travel further down to the center and the south of the peninsula, making sure not to leave behind Sicily and Sardinia islands.  How could it have missed Torino, Venice, Bologna, Rome and Naples. Many are the beautiful things to see and to experience in this tiny terrestrial paradisiac surface of the globe; and often, the desire to extend the time of the travel here is unavoidable. But most of us travelers can’t, the return to our homes and to our things to do is something that can’t be avoided, but not for COVID-19.

COVID-19 does not have a home or job to attend to, so amused by our extra hospitality it decided to take advantage and discover the land of la dolce vita.

On the Coronavirus COVID-19 Global Cases by Johns Hopkins CSSE (link to site that tracks Coronavirus’ journey around the globe) you can see exactly where it’s stopping along its trip to Italy:

Joking aside, you’ll find on the Johns Hopkins CSSE link above (and on other coronavirus monitoring sites) that Italy ranks (as of today) third or fourth in number of cases with coronavirus; but tomorrow who knows!!!

In the meantime, the media, alongside their videos and the massive number of magazine articles covering the topic, share their many theories, facts, and discussions about who, when and what are involved with the coronavirus; while also reminding us of the epidemics that Italy has had in the past.  All of this leading us to gather a couple of things; for one: halting or at the very least lots of caution on going in and out of Italy; and two: that we will make it through this one too.

This is a good time to think, to perceive and to act as new information becomes available every day.  It is certainly not a time to be pessimistic, impulsive or destructive.

We will ensure to stay in contact, to advise and inform YOU, our traveler friends who are planning a trip to Italy, on how the situation with the coronavirus evolves, and when normal levels are back so that you may come to Italy, or take that trip you booked or planned for this year, or return to Italy for those who have already been and are waiting to come back.

The year 2020, is a year that wants to be carefully monitored, on a day-to-day basis.  We do not know what is coming tomorrow, and every day things are changing.  We learn to adapt on a daily basis.  So, for those of you who are thinking about potentially postponing this year’s Italy vacation to next year, wait to see what happens, perhaps you’ll only have to postpone it further along in the year.

To our dear travelers who enjoy la dolce vita, let us remember the saying che sarà sarà (from the song “Que Sera, Sera (Whatever Will Be, Will Be)”) and take it day by day.  After all, life and travel are a big great adventure!

Stay with us, we’ll make sure to keep you posted on any major developments with the coronavirus’ trip to Italy.

Naples Gulf Bay of Naples Pulcinella The Golden Path of Naples Tour

Italy travel and tour articles to guide you on your best la dolce vita travel experience options

Posted By : Maria Florio/ 402

Every year we get many questions about planning a trip to Italy from people who want to visit the country and Naples in Campania, questions about the region and its hidden gems and off-the-beaten path towns and villages.


This type of information is available to you, to everyone, in abundance; thanks to the internet having so much to offer. However, there’s always something unique that can make the difference in the information you find and use to plan your trip to Italy, set up your Italy family vacations or your Naples shore excursions or group tours, or customized private tours for special events, and so on.


From our articles, you won’t find fluff or hyped up information; it is going to be down-to-earth information that gives you genuine and transparent guidance to help you know what your best options are for visiting Naples, Campania, and Italy.  Options based on your needs, on what type of traveler you are, and what type of Italy travel experience you’re looking to have when you’re visiting; whether it’s your first trip to Naples, Amalfi Coast, Pompeii or Capri; or your tenth visit to Italy as a whole.


As an incoming boutique tour operator working in the tourism industry in Italy with locals, worldwide travel agents, and tour operators for over 20 years; have extensive knowledge of the ins and outs of planning a trip to Italy.  We are all too familiar with the amount of work that goes behind building an itinerary, coordinating tours, and putting together a travel experience that is both memorable and moves along smoothly even when the unforeseen happens.


With the digital era providing so many places to gather information, knowing what is “good”, “excellent”, “mediocre”, or “bad” as an option for an Italy vacation is no longer as easily identifiable.  Only someone who is a travel expert (whether someone who does it professionally or is a habitual traveler) would know what technical aspects to look for and what questions to ask the travel company they’re opting to book their trip to Italy with.


Through our articles, we are going to share information that guides you to know what you can expect depending on what you want to spend or what you’re looking for in a tour, what important aspects to look at with different Italy tours and travel options, favored destinations and top itineraries of Naples, Campania, and overall Italy, traveler information that will be useful as you look into Italy travel during the holidays, high-season or low-season, and so on.


Of course, we will also have articles that talk about our itineraries and tours, our offers and new tours, events, or company and website updates.  This content is for our traveler community and for you to learn more about our products, services, and what makes them unique.  To share the story of why we designed some of the tours the way they are, like our: Napoli Virtuosa City Tours, Exclusive Daily Journeys, Mini-Group Journeys, or La Dolce Vita Travel Experiences; which are built for special reasons.


The aim is to empower you as a traveler who wants to visit Italy and help you have your ‘la dolce vita’ travel experience.


Be on the lookout for our next article!


Submit your Italy Travel and Tour Questions

    It’s Grape Harvest time – let’s make some wine

    Posted By : Maria Florio/ 1080

    It’s Grape Harvest time, that is what the experts say.

    We know for sure that Autumn is the season for tasty grapes, and that fine harvest comes together when summer is over, but Grape harvest doesn’t happen on the same days or the same week every year.  Do you know why?

    Mother earth responds differently every year, according to the summer season; if it has been too sunny or not, if it has rained too much.  For these reasons and others related to the weather over the summer months, grape harvest time has never had an exact date and/or time; and the same goes for every wine production location. In the Campania region there are a few renown areas for wine and winemaking, such as the hills and valleys of the Irpinia area.

    This territory is centred on the section of Apennines, it is very well known for the production of wines like Greco di Tufo, Taurasi and Fiano di Avellino; which are also top wines of the Campania region.

    The colour of this area shifts between a mixure of green, golden light brown and purple; all colors that recall the gentle warmth of Autumn. Getting close to the cold season, people instinctively gain this sense of desire to reunite and come together; and find the time to do some outdoor activities with each other. Picking grapes and turning them into wine is one of these activities, an activity that we find fascinating and want to participate in, at least once in a life time.

    So, let’s all go and let’s do La Vendemmia; let’s get close to our mother earth that nourishes us with one of her final beauties and tasty flavoured fruits before going to rest during the winter months, a time of hibernation for nature, both plants and animals alike.

    Grape Harvest in Irpinia

    Picking grapes and turning them into wine

    The 4 Pearls of Campania: Uncover Italy’s La Dolce Vita

    Posted By : Maria Florio/ 1202

    When visiting the Campania region, you should choose the essence of it. So Rimontitours selected the best locations on a 5-day tour that includes the visit of the Amalfi Coast, Pompeii, Capri and the historical centre of Naples. This tour assembles the best of Campania’s landscapes and culture. These 4 places are included in the Le Perle del Golfo tour (Gulf pearls tour) to put nature, art, culture and history all together (into one) in different ways.

    This unforgettable tour starts from Naples with a four star hotel accommodation. A licensed tour guide will show you all the historical places of the city centre: Piazza del Plebiscito, Palazzo Reale, Teatro San Carlo, Galleria Umberto I and Castello Angioino, including a traditional welcome dinner. Second day of the tour is Capri, a mini cruise lead by a guide who will show you all the beauties of this unique site. This day will end with an entertainment dinner.  Third day, to the Archaeological Museum, where artistic and cultural heritage meet  with the Neapolitan silver screen history; here  Roberto Rossellini directed his movie “Viaggio in Italia” (Travel in Italy). Stroll through the notorious movie streets of Naples; “via dei Tribunali, Palazzo Spinelli, la chiesa delle Anime del purgatorio, piazza San Gaetano, chiesa Dei Girolamini, il Duomo, San Gennaro, Piazza Cardinale Riario Sforza and Via San Gregorio Armeno”.  All these places have played a part in historical Neapolitan movies. This Neapolitan silver screen tour will take you to “piazza del Gesù” where the beautiful Sophia Loren shone in the 60’s in her movies “Matrimonio all’italiana” and “L’oro di Napoli”. Fourth day with a licensed guide, discover the ancient beauties of a unique site: Pompeii;  Amalfi and Ravello will take you to the end of the tour. Departure on the fifth Day.

    These are just some hallmarks of our special Le Perle del Golfo tour designed for small groups – from 12 people – where reservation is necessary owing to limited dates – or – booking the Tailor Made Le Perle del Golfo for a private tour that you can also adapt for any additional things you’d like to see while in Campania.

    The Le Perle del Golfo tour itinerary, is a brilliant solution for those who like to discover all of the best and most magical places, and all their hidden gems with licensed tour guides. So, come on and visit  these pearls with Rimontitours, it would be a pity to leave them uncovered and unseen!

    Visit the best of Campania’s landscapes and culture

    Experience nature, art, culture and history all together into one.

    Catered for the Solo Traveler

    Are you ready to experience la dolce vita at your own pace?