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Calici di Stelle evento

Calici di Stelle* La notte di S. Lorenzo in Vigna

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August 10 – For the starriest night of the year, Rimontitours will take you to visit the Borgo of Taurasi in Irpinia and the Antica Hirpinia Cellar, with aperitif and dinner in the garden, plus live music.

The Astrofili Campania Association, from the cellar’s terrace, will present the most important planets to the participants.

The evening will continue with dance music and wine tasting of the DOCG wines of Antica Hirpinia.

Price € 35.00 per person including transport by bus, tour of the Borgo with guide, wine tasting of DOCG, and aperitif with dinner.

Information & Reservations ph. +39.081.7644934 or

Rione_Sanità_(Naples)_Di Alexandre - Opera propria, CC BY-SA 4.0 photo credit

Ciak Rione Sanità

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November 16 from 10:00 to 13:30

We offer you an intriguing walk through the famous Rione Sanità, a neighborhood that has lately become very popular in the city of Naples.

We will walk along characteristic alleys, squares, monuments and buildings: places that evoke history of all time as well as the birth place of the famous actor of Italian cinema, nicknamed the Prince of laughter, Antonio de Curtis, best known by his stage name Totò. It will be like being on a movie set as the guide shows us the locations of many masterpieces of cinema, after all, Naples is like an open-air set!

The walk will lead us to Vico Tessitori, the heart of Naples, where a terrace with a panoramic view awaits us.

Here a splendid Neapolitan Chanteuse, Tiziana T’irrito, will perform some Neapolitan songs while you enjoy an aperitif.

End of our magical event.


Minimum 20 participants

Departure of the event: 10:00

Duration: about 3 hours

Cost per person: 30,00 euros

Event includes: Guide – Rione Sanità Walking Tour – Neapolitan Chanteuse Performance – Aperitif.

Note: Terrace location is in a 13th century building with no elevator.

Meeting point: Metro Materdei Exit (Piramide di Piazza Scipione Ammirato)

The event will end in via Giuseppe Piazzi (near Piazza Cavour)

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Photo Credit Header Image ~ Rione Sanità: Di Alexandre – Opera propria, Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 CC BY-SA 4.0, Collegamento

It’s Grape Harvest time – let’s make some wine

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It’s Grape Harvest time, that is what the experts say.

We know for sure that Autumn is the season for tasty grapes, and that fine harvest comes together when summer is over, but Grape harvest doesn’t happen on the same days or the same week every year.  Do you know why?

Mother earth responds differently every year, according to the summer season; if it has been too sunny or not, if it has rained too much.  For these reasons and others related to the weather over the summer months, grape harvest time has never had an exact date and/or time; and the same goes for every wine production location. In the Campania region there are a few renown areas for wine and winemaking, such as the hills and valleys of the Irpinia area.

This territory is centred on the section of Apennines, it is very well known for the production of wines like Greco di Tufo, Taurasi and Fiano di Avellino; which are also top wines of the Campania region.

The colour of this area shifts between a mixure of green, golden light brown and purple; all colors that recall the gentle warmth of Autumn. Getting close to the cold season, people instinctively gain this sense of desire to reunite and come together; and find the time to do some outdoor activities with each other. Picking grapes and turning them into wine is one of these activities, an activity that we find fascinating and want to participate in, at least once in a life time.

So, let’s all go and let’s do La Vendemmia; let’s get close to our mother earth that nourishes us with one of her final beauties and tasty flavoured fruits before going to rest during the winter months, a time of hibernation for nature, both plants and animals alike.

Grape Harvest in Irpinia

Picking grapes and turning them into wine